Tai Chi is both a martial art and a moving meditation.  The solo form consists of a gentle, flowing series of movements, combined with deep breathing and imagery to promote flexibility, relaxation, and health.

Also known as qigong, Chinese Meridian Exercise combines breath work, movement, imagery, and sound to accumulate and circulate Life Energy (Qi) within the body. Meridian Exercises predate Tai Chi by hundreds of years and styles differ according to the goals of the practitioner.

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Life Energy is thought to circulate in the body along particular pathways nourishing and connecting various tissues and organs not unlike the way rivers feed the planet.

Most energy work is based on the ancient premise that where energy flows freely there is health and where there is disease, there is energy stagnation or lack. Chinese Meridian Exercises or Health restores energy flow, and builds vitality.

The Benefits of Tai Chi:

  • Reduce pain and stress through better posture, economy of movement, improved circulation
  • Increase blood oxygen level
  • Age appropriate / Condition appropriate – exercise without exhaustion
  • Improve balance

Joe is practitioner of the Yang style short form mastered by Professor Cheng Man-ching for over twenty years and has been actively teaching since 1999.  He continues to train with skilled teachers from around the country.

Tai Chi classes are held:

Sundays, 4:00 p.m. at the Idaho Yoga Co-Op Contact Joe if you have any questions.
Wednesdays, 5:30 p.m. at 477 Shoup Avenue, Suite 106 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Contact Joe if you have any questions.

Private Tai Chi classes are also available to suit your schedule or special needs. Contact Joe if you have any questions.

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